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Why Parallel over Linkedin Jobs, or Zip Recruiter?

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Your application goes right to team members you would be working with. You can manage all your applications in one place, apply in two clicks, and get feedback from teams in just a few days.

What types of jobs are on Parallel?

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Parallel is curating the best jobs from the top companies in the technology, lifestyle, and direct to consumer sectors.

What does apply direct or get referred mean?

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This means your application goes direct to the founder, hiring manager or the team you would be working with. Skipping the ATS, algorithm, and black box.

Is Parallel free?

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Do I submit my resume or profile?

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With parallel you build a custom profile that you will submit. This profile showcases more about your interests and passions and gets sent directly to members on the team.

Will more companies & jobs be added?

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Yes, new companies and jobs will be added each month. Once you sign up you will get noitified when new rad companies drop.

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