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Candidate Manifesto

Dear Job Seekers,

You an amazing individual full of potential, skills, and unique perspectives. Exploring new jobs should be fun, and inspiring and we believe you should get a fair chance at any job that you are passionate about and qualified for.

Your future should not be dictated by an outdated system of keyword matched resumes and complex HR algorithms. It shouldn't be dictated by buzzwords, the school you went to, the size of the company you worked at, or needing a top tier network to get your foot in the door. You shouldn't have to spray and pray and hope that one of your applications lands while waiting months to hear back. The system has done you poorly for far too long.

Parallel exists to change this paradigm, to truly represent YOU; who you are and the work you have done, but also, your passions, interests, personality and ethos. We want to present the real you directly to real people - those actually doing the job you are interested in. We want to give you a fair shot at any opportunity that moves you. And if the time isn't right yet for a particular position, you should get feedback quickly on how to learn and grow. You should feel supported, represented and seen.

We exist to create a new path to getting hired. A path that is transparent, efficient, and allows for inclusivity & equal access to opportunity. We are simply here to help pave the new way with you, so we invite you to join us and help create a future where...well...applying for jobs doesn't suck.