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Employee Manifesto

Dear Employee,

You are not just an asset, you are the very DNA of your company - the heart and soul of your organization. But we believe your influence has been underutilized, so we want to put the power back in the hands of those closest to the work, to help shape their team, their company and the future of others looking for great places to work.

When it comes to hiring, you know the job best. Your superpower is your eye for talent and deep insight on the specifics of the role and culture of the company. Too often, vetting and sourcing talent is left to inexperienced recruiters, algorithms and keyword matching. Candidates are reduced to a piece of paper simply listing what they've done and where they went to school. But when you look at your co-workers, that's not what you see. You see humans, not keywords. And because you work with your team day in and day out, we believe you can and should help set the trajectory of that team in order to create a better, more diverse group of people that can meet the rising demands of the workplace.

We believe existing referral programs are outdated, complex and unrewarding. Rather than working within a broken system, Parallel created a new one. A system that puts you in the driver's seat and makes the process simple, transparent and fun - compensating you frequently and instantly along the way. We have a bold vision to provide equal access to opportunity, and to empower teams to find great talent with you at the center. We're just getting started, but we couldn't be more excited for the journey ahead. We would be honored for you to join us.