4 trends to take up when re-energising your recruitment game

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March 1st 2023

4 trends to take up when re-energising your recruitment game

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Have you set your 2023 business intentions yet? If not, we’ve got one for you: success through working smarter! It’s time to up your hiring game!

We reflected on recruitment trends that turned out to be a total bust VS. the trends that sent companies straight to the “Hiring Hall of Fame”. So, here we are, presenting the top-tier list of the trends that will re-energise your recruitment game for 2023 (and not send you down a rabbit hole).

Focus on the Talent You Have Already

ere’s a plot twist you probably didn't see coming - successful companies are now investing more into the talent they already have on board. Because, sure, when we talk about “recruitment” we’re usually analyzing how to attract top talent outside of your HQ’s walls – but securing the talent you have inside is just as important.

What makes this especially crucial in 2023? As 2022 drew to a close, it was evident that workforces were increasingly unsatisfied with their jobs due to (you guessed it) work-life balance and salaries. So how to make sure your existing top talents don’t slip through the cracks and get snapped up at a startup elsewhere?

Put a “ring” on your exisiting talent by:

  • Implementing an employee-focused culture

  • Offering comprehensive employee benefits

  • Encouraging a flexible work schedule

  • Having intentional 1:1 check-ins with candidates

Pay Transparency Laws Being Enforced

It’s no mystery why Inc. Magazine crowned 2022 as The Year of Pay Transparency with the social media movement prompting states (hi New York!) to enact pay transparency laws. But don’t freak out – advertising your pay is actually one of the best ways to attract candidates according to a survey run by Glassdoor revealing that 63% of employees prefer working with companies that mention salary or a salary range.

Though being transparent about the salary you are offering does not necessarily mean you have to reciprocate what other companies are offering. It’s mainly just to show candidates what they are in for – and that way you won’t have to worry about candidates ditching mid application process in pursuit of higher coin.

Attract top-tier candidates with a lil’ transparency by:

  • Posting salary ranges on your job listings (like, now)

  • Doing your research to see what ranges competitor companies are offering

  • Openly communicate with networks in your industry

  • Leading with the benefits when writing your listings

Make Mental Health a Priority

One thing about the pandemic was it created a new universal norm. There was no time to prepare, little time to adapt – we just had to keep it moving. Yikes! And in the process, we’ve been flat out since 2020, while our mental health has been flat-lining.

But thankfully, because of this, mental wellness has finally entered the group chat in the workplace! Companies like Lyra, a platform that provides companies with mental health solutions for their workers, understand that the biggest issue affecting the mental health of over 970 million USA workers is access! Most workers simply don’t know where to get help, and definitely don’t have the time to go looking for it.

The red flags every job seeker should watch for in 2023

Ultimately, allowing your candidates to have access to mental health resources doesn’t just help them – it helps YOU. The personal and work stress weighing on their shoulders will be lifted, helping them perform better and be more present at work! It’s a win-win situation.

Make mental health a priority by:

  • Creating a culture of frequent check-ins

  • Revisiting weekly hours and tasks assigned to candidates to ensure they are not overworked

  • Alongside PTO, offer paid mental health days for when candidates aren’t feeling 100%

  • Swap the mental wellness seminars for fun at-home activities

Humanize the Hiring Experience

With remote work and AI taking over, building human connections and relationships is slowly becoming obsolete, so it’s important to remember that creating human experiences in the hiring process increases company likeability for candidates and your existing workforce.

Let’s face it – nobody likes talking to a bot. So while AI tools can be helpful – proceed with caution! Don’t let a robot get in the way of you developing some robust connections.

Make the ‘H’ in hiring stand for HUMAN by:

  • Letting your company’s tone of voice color the job listing

  • During interviews include ‘Get to Know You’ questions that are not just about what the candidate will bring to the company

  • Let go of the ATS that makes you swift through multiple applicants like a robot

Trust us, in this new generation – in this new year, nobody wants to go through the black box. Candidates nowadays carry ✨ main character ✨ energy, so don’t take it away from them! Make this the year you hire different – and use Parallel to do just that.

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