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March 1st 2023

6 Simple & Effective Steps to Optimize Your Job Listings

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Newsflash! Optimizing your job listing is essential for attracting top-tier talent in your industry and as you know, first impressions matter. Every successful company knows - the hiring game is about selling the company, as much as it’s about candidates selling themselves.

It’s a 2-way street, both parties have to put in effort to attract the other. So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the 6 simple steps to optimize your job listings to attract the applicants of your dreams.

  • First things first: focus on using appropriate and relevant keywords. When posting your open position on a job board, there are typically thousands of companies looking for the same candidates as you. Use specific words even in your job title – and not “copywriting wizard” – SEO will rank your listing higher than others if you do it right.

  • Keep your sentences short and simple (but also sweet). With the average attention span being 8 seconds, yikes! It’s critical to write descriptive yet skimmable copy. This means: avoid unnecessary corporate jargon! The key is to make sure candidates can grasp the gist of their main responsibilities while you have their attention. Shoot for bullet points!

  • What do the roles day-to-day responsibilities encompass? If your listing doesn’t cover this, stop what you’re doing right now, and specify it. The quickest way to ensure candidates swipe left on your job listing is by confusing them as to what exactly the role would require. “It says copywriting, but is that for website copy? Or copy for social media? Help!” Let them know what a ‘day in the life’ of this role looks like.

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  • Be transparent about the salary of the position. It’s official: not stating the range a candidate could earn in the role is a total dealbreaker. Because how can you sell something without listing a price? And while it may seem like you’re revealing your hand – you’ll be saving yourself a lot of “left on read” offers at the end of the interview process if the salary range doesn’t match the applicant's expectations. Find your perfect match by setting salary expectations from the go. And no, “we offer a competitive salary” isn’t enough.

  • It’s not just what they can do for you – it’s also what you can do for them. Of course – listing the roles requirements and responsibilities is crucial when attracting applicants, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Remember: your job listing is a product that you’ve got to sell to your target market. Not flaunting your company's paid childcare policy? You’re selling yourself short – and your dream talent will “ight, imma head out” for a company that boasts their benefits.

  • So, what’s your star sign? Think of the hiring process like speed dating. You’re on the hunt for the perfect fit – so to ensure your “vibe” connects with a potential candidate you’ve got to put your company out there! What’s the vision? The mission? The principals? The time to talk (and flaunt!) your company's culture is now.

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