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March 1st 2023

How To Fast Forward Your Employee’s Having A “Quiet Quit” Moment

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"Workers aren't "quiet quitting." They're refusing to be exploited for their labor. And they're flexing their muscles for the first time in decades. Rest assured: When you pay people what they're worth, they'll want to work for you." Robert Reich, Co-Founder of Inequality Media

There’s a new talk of the town and all businesses need to tune in! Quiet quitting is a phenomenon that has been doing the rounds on TikTok, following The Great Resignation of 2020. The gag is, it’s not about employee’s quitting their job but more about them setting healthy boundaries at work. Going “above and beyond” is so 2000’s – this decade employee’s are working their wage. Doing exactly what they are paid to do, nothing more, nothing less.

So how to avoid your employee’s quitting on the sly or living their #bareminimum working lifestyle? Parallel spills our top three tips.

Experiment With A Four-Day Work Week

The pandemic played a huge role in exposing everything that employees have been silently tolerating from their workplace. The fact that you actually can completely work from home defied all previous notions of the necessity of a workforce at a workplace.

So let’s meet in the middle for 2023 with a four-day workweek (a perfect compromise for both employers and employees!). Although losing 8 hours of work sounds like a huge chunk, consider the fact that during an 8-hour workday, employees are only productive for about 3 hours. This alone justifies the importance of having at least one day off – from both employees and employers alike. What’s that saying? Work smarter, not harder.

Encourage Open & Honest Communication

From the get go, let your employees know that they are welcome to give seniors constructive criticism – and you have to mean it. We’re serious. Open lines of communication speak volumes on how you value your employees, and will nip the need to ‘quietly quit’ if they feel burnt out in the bud.

Alternatively, you can create a monthly anonymous survey or feedback form to encourage employees to voice their opinions on the current workplace culture. It can be as simple as a one word check in – or a “what are the current pits and peaks of your working week?”

Ensure Mandatory Mindfulness Breaks

A moment for mindfulness! Create a regular “break” schedule whereby the work system is somewhat shut off and inaccessible to employees for say, five mins? In order for your employees to perform at their optimal best and be present, they need to take those breaks! Call it “Time To Stretch” or “Take A Breath of Fresh Air” – and don’t forget to schedule it in your cal as well! Who remembers this office in Amsterdam which disappears the desks every day at 6pm to transform the office into a yoga-studio and make all-nighters literally impossible? Think about the examples senior management set: if the boss never takes a lunch hour, no one else will!

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