So they let you go at work, now what?

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February 20th 2023

So they let you go at work, now what?

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“It’s not you, it’s me.” The sentiment definitely hits different when it’s coming from the head honcho at work. So how on earth do you find a new job that you’ll love when you’re not even over your old one? We see you job hunters! Rents gotta be paid, so one way or another, we gotta get that bag! So, once you’ve hammered out the nitty-gritty like filing for unemployment, enquiring about your health benefits and 401k – Parallel presents our top five steps to take towards landing your dream career (and what will make your old job wish they put a ring on it).

Update Your Resumé And LinkedIn Profile

A tiny task of top tier importance! To attract new clients, or companies, do NOT skip reviewing your resumé and making the necessary changes. Ditch the inclusion of your summer job from 2013 – focus on quality, not quantity, when it comes to what you’ve included on your CV …and while you’re at it: please update your LinkedIn too! You just never know who could be stalking your profile with a life-changing job opportunity in their hands.

Review And Discover What You Truly Desire

Sometimes, being laid off can be a blessing in disguise. Finally, you have the energy to tend to the hobbies you love and purposes you are passionate about – labors of love that your 9 to 5 had previously put on pause.

So, Parallel recommends taking this time to ponder on what your priorities are, what you want for yourself, and what you value most. Doing this will guide you to your next path - and will help you secure an opportunity that aligns with your purpose. Ultimately providing you with a career you are obsessed with, and that specific work-life balance you have been seeking all along.

Cultivate New Skills

They don’t call it the ‘world wide web’ for nothing hey! It’s 2023 and the information lurking on the internet is seemingly infinite. We’re talking about an endless amount of FREE resources for any of your job hunting needs – think furthering your skillset, education on pay rates, and self-development services! The more you know, the more you bring to future job opportunities – broaden your horizons by broadening your mind.

Start Networking and Building Connections

Dreading the idea of networking? Consider social media your new best friend and your access into the closed door cocktail parties, and invite-only corporate functions. Looking to connect with the corporates? LinkedIn has your back. Looking for clients to freelance for or to build a community? Your time to launch your Instagram, Facebook & TikTok account is now.

Embrace the idea of it’s not about what you know, it’s who you know – and use it to your advantage. LinkedIn’s recent experiment proved that weak ties can actually be stronger than strong ties. So, your best friend is great to have as part of your connections but it’s your best friend’s uncle’s cousin’s wife who could be the better plug! Invest your time into connecting virtually initially, and your IRL may be looking a lil’ more booked and busy.

Honorable Mention: Get Referred!

Truth is, you are most likely to get hired if you were referred by someone. No, for real – 30% of all hires are straight from employee referrals! Typically, if a candidate is referred, they rank higher as they are more credible than the “faceless” few who applied through the job opening. Don’t be a stranger! Companies want to hire people – not names on paper.

And remember: If you’re reading this it’s never too late to land a new job (of your dreams!) via Parallel. Apply directly to the hiring manager and skip the ATS, black box and the algorithm. It’s our secret sixth step to getting hired. Thank us later!

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