Startup spotlight: ilovecreatives by Puno

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June 27th 2023

Startup spotlight: ilovecreatives by Puno

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Can all creatives, entrepreneur wannabes, side-hustlers and curious beings please stand up! Ilovecreatives is your home for all resources to help you in your journey… yes you! Think of it as the Costco for creatives - your one-stop hub for going from 0-100 in whatever creative industry you are in (or interested in dabbling in – the world’s your oyster)!

Ilovecreatives is a slashie platform for slashie creatives! How do you know if you are a ‘slashie’? Do you consider yourself the jack-of-all-trades? Do you love exploring all your interests without feeling the need to ‘niche down’? Are you a Graphic Designer by profession slash Gardener slash Content Creator? Then you, my dear friend, are a slashie and you belong at ilovecreatives!

Like we said, it’s a slashie platform - meaning that it’s the jack-of-all trades when it comes to helping out creatives. One of their biggest slice of the pie is ‘edutainment’ (education + entertainment) — learning in a way that is fun and immersive, without the stress of having to write thesis papers to prove that you know and understand the material.

They house online courses that vary from Fashion Design to Web Design with Squarespace to Digital Marketing and much much more… it’s like a gym for your brain to add some muscles to your digital skills.

Hold up… other pieces of the pie include ads / creative profiles / physical goods ANNNNND resources! It’s serving SLASHIE realness.

Meet The Brains Behind ilovecreatives

Founded by Puno in 2014, ilovecreatives (believe it or not!) it started off as a lil’ newsletter. Puno herself is a multi-hyphenated being – is it all adding up and making sense now? — as a Vlogger, Web Designer, Educator, Podcaster and wait for it… a Cat Photographer. Slashie sisterhood unite!

Now, in the Spring on 2023, ilovecreatives is a majorly cool community of creatives (and courses!) that we hype today. Serving support like a true fairy godmother to all creatives, Puno launched the Freelance Business Plan Course where slashies get the 411 on managing your finances as a freelancer, source clients and the insider secrets she wish she knew before she leaped into this industry! Sound like the guide of your dreams?! Join the waitlist here!

If your biggest peeve is simply being discovered, your moment has arrived! Creative meet: Creative Profiles! Puno established her very own Creative Directory on ilovecreatives where businesses and creatives alike can immerse themselves and network within a world of talented peeps.

So, what’s Puno’s secret to her ilovecreatives MEGA success? She chatted to Leap in Jan about the key to growing as a creator:

“Consistency is everything. Even if you don’t post every day, keep striving to create something that’s very you. The whole point isn’t to actually create something that is very you, but it’s to strive for it. Then you can look back at all the things you tried, and that’s your body of work.

Some people think that they can think their way through this, but that’s just overthinking. Your work is what matters and the work is how it gets created.”

What’s In Their Goody Bag?

Designed by slashies for slashies – it’s no surprise that ilovecreatives is one of those websites you head to for a hot minute, and spend hours in creative curiosity heaven. So what’s inside their webpages? Buckle up – we’re talking:

✷ Courses

Upgrade your digital skills through the multitude of options that range from beginner to intermediate. This is your opportunity to unlock the potential you have that has been held back by things like Imposter Syndrome.

✷ Creative Ads

You know when you have a voice but just need a pedestal to make an announcement? Well, that’s what the Creative Ads are here for! Whether you are selling some products, making a public announcement that could help someone out there or hosting a workshop/event, you can simply load your ad on ilovecreatives and wait for the perfect clients to roll in!

✷ Creative Directory

This is for the creatives — the businesses looking for creatives and the creatives looking for businesses to work with! Browse through hundreds of Creative Profiles ranging from Brand Designers, Event Planners, Project Managers… honestly, the list is endless!

✷ Resources

Find all the helpful tools that will carry you in your journey! Blog posts that include interviews with budding creatives and guides, spreadsheets about, “find(ing) your rate and start freelancing with confidence,“ and Spotify playlists to get you in that magical flow state.

✷ Shop

Explore digital goods and physical goods! When it comes to physical goods, think planners, denim hats, nail wraps and candles! And the digital goods? Mock-ups for your business, Squarespace templates and font books! Oh, there’s a ton more though!

Dreaming Of A Gig At This HQ?! Join The Squad!

What we love about working at ilovecreatives

  • World of Slashies

  • Design Driven

  • Creativity (to the max!)

  • Jack of all trades

Your work opportunity → Curriculum Video Editor

  • Edit raw video footage and audio files and integrate additional video assets such as graphic elements, animation, music, and special effects.

  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure videos meet their needs.

  • MUST have an example of long-form content in portfolio or tell us why you know you would thrive with this type of work

  • Proficiency with Figma, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Descript.

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