Startup spotlight: Maude by Éva Goicochea

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August 18th 2023

Startup spotlight: Maude by Éva Goicochea

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Maude is on a mission to champion a topic that can be sensitive, arousing and controversial (depending on who you are) — sexual wellness. Exploring modern intimacy through arts, science and relationships. Maude is, simply put, your one-stop shop for all things sexual health and wellness.

With company values that include advocacy, accessibility and education, Maude is a proud partner with powerhouses like SEICUS, Advocates for Youth and Peer Health Exchange, and together they are revolutionizing the way we view intimacy.

There are only 24 out of 50 US states requiring sex ed in middle school and high school (shocking, but not surprising), Maude and their partners are on a mission to make conversations around sex and sexual health between adults and teens a norm. Working to ensure that everyone has access to the education needed to have a healthy mindset and safe sexual experiences.

The brains behind Maude

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Born in New Mexico and raised in Sacramento, Éva Goicochea founded Maude in 2018. Having spent her early career as a legislative aid in healthcare, and a brand strategist for ADIDAS, Squarespace and Everlane – Éva merged her two passions, healthcare and branding, to create a modern sexual wellness platform built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity.

Since its launch, Maude has been featured in Vogue, GG, Fast Company and Men’s Health, and in 2020, Dakota Johnson joined the team as an investor and co-creative director. Power moves only, people!

The Goodies

When Maude said that they are a modern wellness company, they meant it! Their products are all about careful, playful and thoughtful intimacy, whether that’s with a partner or the joys of self-pleasure.

From their ergonomic, silicone vibrators and anal plugs to lubes, candles and bubble bath products, it’s a party for every type of person! Better yet, all their products go through extensive testing to ensure that the only thing you’re thinking about is pleasure when using these products that hit the spot (sorry, not sorry).

Just when you thought they have ticked all the boxes, Maude is also big on sustainability. All of Maude’s packaging is 100% recyclable and most are easily compostable too (happy worms)! So, when you buy from them, not only are you advocating for sexual wellness but you are also decreasing your sexual carbon footprint!

Join the Team!

What we love about working at Maude

  • Medical, vision and dental Insurance

  • Equity compensation

  • Life insurance

  • Pet-friendly

  • Hybrid schedule

  • Cultural outings

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