The benefits of having an HR manager by your side in your early stages

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July 18th 2023

The benefits of having an HR manager by your side in your early stages

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As an entrepreneur in the early stages of your startup, you will most likely find yourself wearing multiple hats whilst juggling various responsibilities to keep the wheels turning.

We get it! While it may seem like you are saving yourself money by doing everything solo – there is a crucial role that should not be overlooked… meet: the HR Manager.

One of your most valuable assets when starting a business are your people — your employees! If they would like to get something off their chest about their boss, who should they confide in? You? The boss?

Yeeaah, maybe not!

So, let us explore how an HR manager can propel your startup towards sustainable growth, employee satisfaction and long-term success. From fostering a strong company culture to navigating complex compliance regulations — their impact is super widespread and all-round essential.

What are the vital roles HR manager plays in your startup?

Now, let’s dig deeper into why an HR manager is a linchpin for the success of your startup that goes beyond the typical roles you are already accustomed to:

1 | The captain of recruiting and hiring

In as much as you would like to sit there and convince yourself that you can juggle it all with ease, staying up late every night and sacrificing your weekends is not the flex you think it is.

One of HR managers’ specialities is coming up with effective recruitment strategies and making the hiring process a breeze! You might not take recruitment that seriously but 87% of HR professionals claim that it is becoming more and more like marketing. When done right by the right people, your startup is destined to blow up within a few years or even months.

2 | Solidifying your company culture

Building a positive and inclusive company culture should be at the top of the list for your startup. Why, you ask? Almost half of job seekers say that a company’s culture is important to them when it comes to deciding if they would like to work and stay with a particular company.

That’s where your HR manager comes in — they can help define the values, norms and behaviors that shape the culture of your startup. Which ultimately promotes teamwork, a clear vision for everyone and a sense of belonging. All of which contribute to creating a strong and motivated workforce!

3 | All things legal are handled

Nothing can hurt your startup more than being a ‘know it all’. Some things just have to be handled by a professional — that’s someone who has educational background and broad experiences in the field.

An HR manager can handle those serious matters that startups need to comply with, regarding employee laws and regulations. They help your startup adhere to these laws, maintain necessary documentation and avoid legal risks related to hiring, employee contracts, payments and safety of the workplace.

4 | Policies and procedures are off your plate

For everything within your startup to flow with ease, every one needs to follow the implemented policies and procedures as it is crucial for the business. Who ensures that? Yes, of course… an HR manager does! These policies and procedures serve the sole purpose of consistency and fairness within the startup.

Your HR manager would create these policies which will address areas such as attendance, leave, performance expectations, code of conduct and disciplinary process. They are like the grown-up, remember? So they do need to mention consequences of not ‘listening’ or following the rules.

5 | The coordinators for training and development

Typically, startups are fast-paced and ever-evolving mainly because they are fresh and forward-thinking. This is pretty normal because you basically have to catch up with competitors who have been in the game for years in order to be relevant in the industry.

With that said, you and your team will need extensive training to develop skills that will set you apart from the rest. Your HR manager can identify training needs, coordinate learning opportunities, and support employees' professional development, helping them acquire new skills and adapt to changing circumstances.

6 | Keeping the team close and content

Your startup is bound to face competition for talent because you basically have to be ‘good enough’ to convince top candidates that this startup is worth their time, experiences and knowledge. Once you have managed to secure those candidates, you are now faced with another problem… retaining them.

An HR manager can implement strategies to increase employee retention through recognition programs, career development plans and succession planning to identify and prepare future leaders within the organization.

All in all, here’s what you have to consider in your early stages: when you hire an HR manager, you gain a strategic partner who understands the ins and outs of building a strong company culture, attract thee best talent and navigating complicated legal… stuff!

Investing in an HR manager from the get-go allows you to lay a solid foundation for your startup's growth. They are the grown-up that will guide you in shaping a company culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and employee engagement. More importantly, they shield your startup from unnecessary risks.

Ready to hire one for your team? Join Parallel and have the luxury of messaging top talent directly, ultimately unleashing your startup’s true potential!

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