The ultimate blueprint for building teams in your early stages

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June 27th 2023

The ultimate blueprint for building teams in your early stages

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Reality check: building a successful startup is all about making calculated decisions, especially when it comes to who you bring on board in the early stages of building your business.

The key is: if you can you successfully identify and hire the right people to reach your goals — you’re destined for a huge come-up. The wrong people? You’re on the wrong track.

Now, how to find those talented individuals can be the tricky part. And with just 2-3 interviews to base your hiring decisions off – it’s a risky decision to make, and one that will either positively or negatively affect you in the long run.

Can this candidate grow with you for years or are they, (in the words of Drake) “just here for a good time, not a long time.” Well, worry less! This week Parallel’s breaking down our ultimate blueprint for building your dream team.

1 | Fine-tune what your company’s needs are

How can you possibly succeed when you are not entirely sure of where you are leading your pack? It will only be a matter of time until they start to notice that too and (rightfully) fall by the wayside.

So, be very specific about your needs and goals and this will help you define the key roles and responsibilities needed to carry out your vision. Not only that, when it’s time for interviews, you’ll already know who you want and what qualities they’ll need to possess.

2 | Be on the lookout for those who show passion

Let’s be honest – for most, having a job is more of a need than a want. So, everyone who doesn’t have a job is most likely on a hunt for one. You get where we are going with this, right? A candidate can be qualified for the role but it’s the passion for that industry that you need to be on the lookout for.

Finding someone who oozes passion for the job means you’ll have a team member who’s aligned with the vision, mission, and principles of your company, so will likely go above and beyond to achieve success!

3 | Create a collaborative culture

There’s nothing we value more than a candidate who knows how to effectively communicate and collaborate. In order to build a company culture that is founded in trust, productivity and genuine community, establish opportunities for your employees to work together as a team at the earliest opportunity.

4 | Embrace inclusivity and diversity

To truly build a strong and experienced team you need to ensure it’s diverse in every shape and form. By inviting divergent thinking through conversations and concepts that come from your employees’ unique backgrounds, you can achieve the ‘creative, forward-thinking and driven’ culture your company has been chasing.

5 | Make adaptability and open mindsets a priority

You thought we were living a fast-paced life 10 years ago huh?! Well, the last couple of years definitely pulled a major “Sike” card on all of us. There’s a new concept and new buzzword in every industry pretty much every week. Hard to catch up? You bet. Impossible? No.

So, make your life easier – hire the people with their fingers on the pulse of your industry. Typically those who can think on their toes and have a hunger for learning – they’ll adapt quicker to new technologies and AI advancements, propelling your company into the future, not the past.

If you’re reading this then you already know that the backbone of any successful company is its team. Do some extensive research (or innocent stalking) online to help you put together a list of potential team players — reach out, and meet the candidate behind the CV.

Don’t forget to include your juicy offer. For you, it’s only up from here and along the way, show appreciation to your team too.

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