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March 1st 2023

The Top 3 Qualities To Spot In Your Early Employees

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The success of your company is fully dependent on the team you decide to ride with. They can either make or break your brand – there’s no inbetween. Simon Sinek said it best: customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

So, how to spot the employees which will ensure that business is booming (and continues to… boom)? Spoiler alert: It’s not about which college they went to. This week on Parallel we’re talking the top three qualities to be on the lookout for in your workforce for ultimate #squadgoals.

Interpersonal Communication

Strong communication is important, but interpersonal communication? That’s game-changing. Typically, interpersonal communication skills are acquired by those who are comfortable with opening up and sharing their struggles (or personal successes!) to their co-workers. In former generations, this “vulnerability” was often perceived as a weakness – but in 2023 we’re all about busting through walls of corporate small talk, and want to connect with the real person behind the “co-worker” label.

So why is this good for business ? A candidate who is skilled in interpersonal communication is more likely to be reliable …and you know reliability is our corporate love language! The idea is that if an employee can communicate their struggles, it gives the employer the opportunity to combat the issue with solutions and guidance. Quiet quitting who?!

Not only that, this form of communication fuels empathy and compassion – both being critical qualities to have in your business whenever the boat starts to shake and you need everyone to be on board. Remember that like a chain – a company is only as strong as their weakest link.

Experimental Mentality

An employee who is excited by experimenting is every employers dream because surprise! this is how your business will grow. Whether you have a Copywriter, UX/UI Designer or Project Manager – the ability to adapt their skillset to the latest trend, program and/or platform is essential to success… even if they have to step out of their comfort zone when doing so.

Take a look at Balenciaga - almost every week they come out with something controversial – keeping their competitors on their toes and keeping themselves #trending on Twitter. Their teams mentality? Experimental. Now while you definitely don’t have to go to Balenciaga’s depths – be on the lookout for top talent that has no fear of failure and likes working on their toes. You may just trip into some serious success.

Full Understanding of The Company’s Mission & Brand

Take Leonardo DiCaprio for instance. When prepping for his next blockbuster, you bet he’s working on embodying that character by “getting to know them” on a personal level. That way, he can fully immerse himself in the role to deliver the intended message/experience to the audience.

So why are we talking about Leo? This method of “getting to know” the character can be applied when you’re scoping for the right candidate for a specific role. Parallel’s tip: pay close attention to the questions being asked by candidates during the onboarding process (or employees in their first week).

Are they demonstrating a desire and determination to submerge themselves in the position and help further the mission? You’ve got yourself a keeper!

A candidate who makes it their mission to understand your mission is someone who believes in unity. The importance of rowing together in unison will get your company further – faster. So get these talents on YOUR team!

…and as for your current employees? Take it upon yourself to ensure that they’re not holding back these qualities and check you’re not missing any opportunities to help cultivate them! Our tip? Creating an inclusive environment where cheering them on Kris Jenner style “you’re doing amazing sweetie” isn’t a rarity, but a regularity.

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