Let’s talk AI tools: all hype or actually useful?

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May 18th 2023

Let’s talk AI tools: all hype or actually useful?

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As any sci-fi lover will tell you: AI tools and robots were destined to be the future. The hitch? We didn’t think it would be so soon. So, you mean to tell me that we have AI before flying cars? I want a refund!

Nonetheless, ChatGPT by OpenAI has burst its way into our work life – and is causing chaos. However, it’s also getting us thinking: is AI the answer for businesses working on a limited budget in need of extra hands? This week on Parallel we’re talking AI tools. Are they worth the hype?

The Sunshine & The Rainbows

We went to sleep with virtually no AI and woke up to a whole host of digital helpers. From ChatGPT, Google AI and Notion AI – to Canva and Later also launching their own AI writing tools. It’s the latest “must have” to all tech companies on a quest to stay relevant.

And you know what? AI tools are as diverse as you can imagine. From describing any image for the AI to create on Photoleap’s AI Generator to writing captions for your social media posts on Jasper – the usages are limitless. And better yet: Microsoft Teams Premium recently incorporated AI to help businesses ‘work smarter, not harder’ by enabling them to automate taking meeting notes (with detailed summaries of what each attendee contributed – no, we’re not joking).

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Our favourites? When it comes to fast tracking your company’s growth and reaching objectives with ease, why not go for a test-drive with:

  • Textio to generate job descriptions

  • Passion.io or Bubble to create an app for your business with zero coding experience

  • Chatbot to respond to customer DMs

  • Augmentir to onboard candidates with ease

The possibilities are infinite!

Let’s Talk About The Backlash

One thing AI technologies aren’t is backlash-proof. The main issue? AI pose a real threat to human jobs by providing companies the ability to automate everything (no-employees-allowed style). And while we’re constantly being bombarded by the news of mass layoffs – a future where Google and Meta cut costs by ditching humans for robots isn’t a reach. AI isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, consider:

  1. Creative problem-solving → Sure, AI can identify patterns and trends but it cannot replace the creativity and intuition required for complex problem-solving and decision-making.

  2. Lack of emotions → One thing we can all agree on is that the people we are connected to the most are the ones who we have built an emotional connection with. AI lacks the ability to be empathetic and/or to be understanding of customers’ problems.

  3. Judgment and ethics → AI can only do and say what it is programmed to *side eye*! They cannot judge whether something is morally correct or not which could ultimately mess up the whole flow of life.

  4. Human interaction → While AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide basic customer support, they cannot respond to something that is complex and out of script for them …and no-one really likes talking to a robot, especially when they’re sending “error”.

  5. Contextual understanding → Every single business works to serve real people, and real recognizes real! Depending on your target audience, you’ll want to be speaking their language. Sure, you can program your AI to speak in French – but in TikTok lingo or South London slang? Never.

The Deepfakes

With AI tools come cybercriminals. From deepfakes designed to scam and humiliate – AI can be wielded for the bad and downright evil. Not only that, even the downloading of seemingly “legitimate” AI software can be sus. With a wave of users falling victim to a ChatGPT lookalike that infects their devices with malware – do your due diligence!

…but remember: AI is still “just a baby”. It’s early days – but it’s also never too early to explore how technology can revolutionize your workforce. Use AI to aid your employees, not low-key unemploy them. With great power comes great responsibility – be the founder who empowered their workforce with the latest tools of the trade. AI or not.

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