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April 1st 2023

Parallel Job Search Features You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On

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…hint: it’s all of them!

To be honest, every part of job hunting can be daunting. Scrolling endlessly on job boards, personalizing every cover letter, an inbox full of rejections, having to apply for a job even though they don’t completely match your needs… the list just goes on.

One thing about us at Parallel is that we know the struggle of not finding a job, let alone a career at a company that aligns with you. Which is why we’re thrilled to be unpacking our stellar search features designed to meet your match! Ready to swipe right? Here are the boxes to tick (or untick).


We accommodate companies from a wide range of locations across the globe. So, if you are on a journey to reinvent yourself and return home unrecognizable after a year or 2, this feature is especially for you.

Explore jobs in New York, Miami, the UK, Paris… Or, if you are just like us at Parallel, work remotely and enjoy the luxury of rolling out of bed 2 minutes before your morning meeting!

Okay, But Who Is Hiring?




Now, this feature is more dependent on your knowledge, skills and qualifications. Think of it as your team at work - are you looking to be in the Legal team, Creative, Management?

Choosing the right department can help you transition flawlessly because it is typically something you are already used to, just different environments and teammates.

Put me on!


This is where alignment comes in! Generally, we are more drawn to friends and partners who have similar characteristics and values as us. Building connections that flourish organically over time – rather than all that stale small talk.  

Do you do thrive best in a role when you’re encouraged to work Autonomously or Collaboratively? (We’ve got filters for that!) Is your ideal work environment Fast Paced (think “move fast and break things”) or Design Driven (more “do one thing and do it well”)? We’ve got filters for that too! So, how to swipe right on a company whose work culture aligns with your character? #UseParallel.


Newsflash: we have a multitude of industries featured on our job board! Fintech, Agriculture, YouTube, Wellness, Crypto… ummmm, hello?! Talk about diversity and inclusivity. Here at Parallel we like to think of Industry as your community. What type of community do you connect with, hoping to grow more and contribute to popularizing?

Hold on, we’ve created a whole Collections board where you can follow industries that speak to you!

Pro tips

Use filters to fine-tune what really matters to you. Because while we encourage you to use all of them – you don’t want to miss any hidden gems because you’re limiting yourself – you also don’t want to be overwhelmed by hundreds of fire job ops.

So where applicable, select multiple options that appeal to you. For instance: under “Culture” select more than one company culture to broaden your options (and horizons).

Our biggest flex is that we don’t let your application go unnoticed – Parallel sends your application directly to the founder or hiring manager who listed the job. No more throwing your application into the black box and sitting there with fingers crossed - start applying with Parallel!

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