The secret to securing talented candidates in this heated job market

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July 5th 2023

The secret to securing talented candidates in this heated job market

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At this point, the job market is giving off the same vibes as the Instagram algorithm — just when you think you are all caught up and fully understand how things work and where they are headed, more news come up about how you were so off-track…

So, what’s the market’s status? In April 2023, 253,000 jobs were added into the market. Scary, yes, especially because there has been a consistent shortage of talent for the last couple of months too.

Though the good news is that, there are still candidates in search for the perfect job at the perfect company [inserts your company name]. The only issue is that they don’t always know where to find you.

Cue in: Outbound Recruiting!

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No, we are not trying to scare you away with more corporate jargon when you are already overwhelmed as is. Let’s put it in simple terms for you…

Essentially, outbound recruiting is when a company goes out of their way to actually find talented candidates they want to hire instead of waiting and hoping to be discovered by them.

Now, let’s compare this to inbound recruiting — inbound recruiting is like the traditional way of recruiting. You figure out what position you would like to offer, devise a job title and description, paster it all over job boards and wait for the candidates to roll in.

The issue with inbound recruiting is that it limits you. Think of it like this: You are selling lemonade from your lemonade stand on a suburban street (emphasis on ‘suburban’ because that’s where it’s really quiet) and there are 20 other people doing the same thing, on the same street as you.

That’s the main defect about inbound recruiting — you are in a perpetual state of waiting. And the result? The wait ultimately decreases chances of landing the talent your company deserves.

Whereas, with outbound recruiting, you are actively looking for that talented somebody. This puts you ahead of those waiting on their lemonade stand because you are actually going from door to door, showing candidates that you exist and you are interested in having them on your team.

Sometimes we don’t know what we need until someone shows up to tells us about it.

Another bonus to outbound recruiting is that you can be very specific about who you would like to have on your team. Simply shoot your shot and let them know about the job opportunity that will positively change their quality of life!

You would be surprised to discover how many candidates are just waiting for that sign or that call to make them switch jobs so this is your sign to start being proactive.

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As the job market keeps getting hotter, it is important that you find ways to adapt to the changes. Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready! Start small — reach out to candidates via their most active social media accounts and flick them a link to apply direct on Parallel. Be genuine, get to know them and chat candidly about why you think your role is the right fit.

Showing them that you took the time to go through their portfolio, for instance, is an effective way of getting their attention. Candidates, nowadays especially, value being valued. That goes for their time, efforts, mental health and income. So long as you prioritize that, your outbound recruiting efforts will be a success. Thank us later!

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