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March 2nd 2023

The Secrets to Effectively Attracting and Retaining Gen Z Employee

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It’s official: Gen Z’s have switched up the game when it comes to #worklyf. Revolutionising and dismantling all the old school corporate-world tendencies that aren’t hitting quiet right in 2023 – you bet Gen Z are taking note of the companies that cater to their emotional, mental and physical needs.

The truth of the matter is that Gen Zs are the key to reinventing your business! So what’s the secret to effectively attracting and retaining Gen Z employees? Parallel investigates.

First Things First, Why Hire A Gen Z?
  • they put their mental health before everything to be less stressed at work

  • they know how to set healthy boundaries while remaining respectful and professional

  • they embody holistic persuasive skills which are perfect for B2B and B2C roles

  • they are self-aware and know what their capabilities are and where they can grow

  • they value human connection which is a great way to build trust and loyalty

Be More Like Their TikTok FYP

When looking to hire Gen Z candidates, know and understand that this is a generation that values their time and where their energy is invested. With that said, it’s important to have an intentional conversation with them about the role and how they would like to work. Do they prefer a hybrid setup or a fully remote one? Do they prefer video 1:1 meetings or a Slack text on feedback? Also, find out when they feel most productive and allow for flexible work hours.

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Be Involved With What Is Happening In The World

Yes, your AI SaaS company might not know or have anything to do with news about Shein workers being exploited, but your Gen Z employees do because they are deeply involved in social impact and justice. Knowing that the company they work with is on their side and helps raise awareness about causes they believe in, cultivates trust and loyalty. Become an ally!

Flexibility Is A Big Flex

Contrary to previous generations, Zoomers don’t revolve their whole lives and personalities around work. They are all about experiences and tending to their creative hobbies, so having flexibility at work is a huge win for them.

Cultivate A Connected, Casual Culture

Okay so look, company culture matters more than you think. To attract Gen Z candidates, ensure that your job ads are less about what your company is about and how you cater to your target market and more about how your company caters to employees. Let them know how the vibes are and prove that they are welcome as they are.

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