Why is rage applying all the rage?

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September 11th 2023

Why is rage applying all the rage?

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We’ve all been there. Feeling burnt out and under-appreciated, you apply to multiple different listings out of "rage". Though it’s not to be mistaken with Quiet Quitting – where you work your wage instead of going above and beyond – Rage Applying is the backlash to doing the most and still being undervalued.

And while Rage Applying definitely isn’t something new, you bet the term gained traction following the pandemic, inflation and the recent recession rumours. It’s 2023 team: employees know their worth, and will Rage Apply if their current situation isn’t worth their time.

“To rage, or not to rage apply”

Can you guess what Quiet Quitting and Rage Applying have in common? Toxic workplaces. And with the unemployment rate in the U.S is currently sitting on a low 3.67% – the lowest it has been since the 1950s (you read right… over 70 years ago!) – consider the ball now officially in your court. Sociopathic boss? Pathetic salary? 3am emails? No thanks! Employees are now rejecting that good old Boomer mentality of staying in one place until you rot and encouraging exploring our options.

This doesn’t mean Rage Applying at every bump, knick or hurdle… but rather it’s a call to sit back and consider: do I feel valued in my role? Do I have the flexibility, the salary and the recognition to keep me loyal to this 9 to 5? And if it’s a no: set your goals and apply to the job listings you’ve dreamed of chasing more peacefully the morning after.

But is this a trend that will stick?

Rage Applying is not just another term brought about by Gen Zs and Millennials to describe employee dissatisfaction – it’s a lifestyle! A protest against workplaces that fail to prioritize their team’s mental health nor appreciate their efforts. If anything, Rage Applying will grow into a norm where candidates are empowered to out workplace toxicity, and ultimately encourage others to use their voice and show up for themselves – and their coworkers – on the daily. Are you ready?

Considering rage applying?

Without a doubt, rage applying is a powerful movement, especially because it is tightly connected to movements like quiet quitting, salary transparency and the overall mentality shift brought about by Gen Zs and Millenials.

If you are not satisfied with your current job, take into account that as of February 2023, there are a little over 10 million job openings in the U.S! Companies are constantly on the lookout for your talent.

Reflect on your personal wants and needs and meditate on why you want to leave your current jobs and how switching to a new place will benefit you. Are you looking for more money, more flexibility, more recognition or just a general change of scene?

Say less, you are at the right place! Find your life's work at Parallel and directly apply to the job you are aligned with:

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