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Better than free.

How much does Parallel Cost?

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Parallel is a 100% free at $0 / month. In the future, we will be charging for sourcing, collaboration and pro level features, but we will always have a 100% free version with the core hiring tools available to use.

What’s the main difference of Parallel Hire to other hiring software?

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Parallel Hire is building everything you need as an early stage company to hire in one simple package. Our focus is making the platform lightweight & easy to use, so anyone at your company can help hire. We also have a marketplace integrated with the hiring tools, this allows you to get your jobs directly in front of thousands of modern candidates looking for their next role.

How do I onboard?

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Onboarding takes less than 10 minutes. Once you are approved on the waitlist, we will email you logins instructions with next steps and you are all set! You can choose to opt into a demo if you want a detailed walk through, but our goal is that you don’t have to talk to anyone or struggle through another zoom if you don’t want to.

What is the difference between Parallel Hire and Parallel Referrals?

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Parallel hire is a full suite of hiring tools in one simple package. This is built specifically for smaller teams under 100 to run their hiring. Parallel Referrals is built for companies with an existing ATS that want to adopt the network driven hiring approach. Easily engaging everyone within their company to help source, vet, and bring in great talent for their open roles.